It’s Time to Stand Up for Our Schools

For over a decade, the state’s proportion of the cost of quality education in Wisconsin has declined leading to staff lay-offs, larger class sizes, cuts in programs and services, and rising property taxes. As part of the last biennial budget, things actually got worse when, in an unprecedented move, state aid was cut.

Our school-funding system is in crisis, and that crisis is leading to less education in our schools and higher property taxes on our homes. It is time to say, “Enough is enough.” We need to reinvest in our public schools as soon as possible to stop the loss of revenue and then follow through on our promise of comprehensive change in the funding system.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES) is asking State Government to raise Wisconsin’s sales tax by one penny. “A Penny for Kids” will put about $850 million a year toward saving programs and services in our schools and holding the line on property tax increases. It only makes sense.

You can be involved in this important effort by going to the “A Penny for Kids” website and signing the petition to tell your elected officials you want them to do the right thing. Once you have signed, make sure you share this e-mail with as many organizations and groups as possible because the more people who sign, the more power we have to make sure lawmakers do the right thing for our children and our communities. Or, if your organization has its own website, Facebook page, or other networking site, make sure to include a link to

Robert Godfrey

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