WAES School Funding Reform Update, Week of March 22, 2010

From the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (of Penny for Kids fame).  Table of Contents below, click here for the full update.

  • School-funding reform is the topic of the day under The Dome
  • Students coming to the front of the school-funding reform effort
  • “Category 5” crisis for schools … “A Penny for Kids” would help
  • Four-day school week is getting mixed reviews
  • Brodhead superintendent lays out need for April 6 referendum
  • WAES needs your support to keep working for school-funding reform
  • School-funding reform front and center on Wisconsin Eye
  • Rep. Schneider  says we must pay the price for quality schools
  • Help WAES correct e-mail update glitch
  • School-funding reform calendar

Thomas J. Mertz

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