Beth Moss discusses the district’s budget dilemma

School Board candidate Beth Moss appeared on WORT this morning to discuss the difficult budgeting issues facing the district due to the state’s QEO/Budget Cap squeeze. Tony Castañeda was the interviewer and you can hear it here.

Robert Godfrey


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3 responses to “Beth Moss discusses the district’s budget dilemma

  1. Ed Blume

    After listening to the interview, I have no idea what Beth will do to balance the budget if she gets elected.

  2. Troy Dassler

    She said that we must fix the state finance, galvanize the community, and lobby our elected officials. Then, have a long range plan if the spending caps are not raised. She states it clearly in the interview. Please feel free to listen, I found the answer to your question within the first minute or two of the interview. The budget cannot be balanced without cuts that directly affect the education of our children. I am personally glad that she has addressed the basic underlying root cause of the dilemma in which we find ourselves. She has chosen to wisely use the public attention of running for school board to educate the public. Others would use this media opportunity to push for divisiveness, thankfully she took the high road and discussed the real issue, repealing the revenue caps.

  3. Ed Blume

    I guess I expect a candidate — Beth, Marj, Maya, etc. — to offer some specifics about what they’d cut and what they’d protect. Now that the superintendent’s recommendations are on the table, I hope that the candidates will wiegh in with more specifics.

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