School Finance Advocacy Session This Evening

From Arlene Silveira, Communications Committee Chair

Thomas J. Mertz

All – the Communications Committee of the BOE is holding an informational/advocacy meeting on March 29. Details are attached.

This is the first in a series for meetings. The next meeting will focus on advocacy efforts for the state funding system.

All are welcome to attend, actively participate and ADVOCATE!

Arlene Silveira

“Thursday, March 29, at 6:30 p.m. in the McDaniels Auditorium of the Doyle Administration Building. The meeting will provide you with information about the budget and advocacy “talking points” to contact legislators and gain support for some of the budget’s provisions.”


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3 responses to “School Finance Advocacy Session This Evening

  1. Ed Blume

    The board should hold a session to train citizens to advocate for a new budget process in the MMSD.

    I’ve never seen a budget process like that being followed by the MMSD and board. Without having a budget, the board appears poised to close schools and lay off teachers. Who or why would anyone make these types of decisions out of context, that is, without a budget, with out even looking at options other than those recommended by an administration hell bent on preserving as much control and as many positions as possible in the Doyle Building?

    It’s just insane, and supposedly rational people on the board think that it makes sense! Do they check their brains at the door when they walk into a board meeting?

  2. tmertz


    Isn’t Lawrie Kobza among those “poised to close schools”?

    Do you really believe that these options shouldn’t have been presented? How can you budget without looking at the options. The options are the context. A “budget” doesn’t happen till options are explored.

    The session last night was great and all the Board and citizen members of the Communications Committee and the other citizens who were there) deserve praise for supporting and participating. All the Board.


  3. Barbara Katz

    The information session that the School Board held last Thursday was incredibly informative and postive. The auditorium at the Doyle administration building was nearly filled with individuals interested in working together with the MMSD to create a massive swell of advocacy directed toward our policy makers, and included reaching out to our neighboring communities. The conversation was focused, positive and tapped into the energies of those who were there. I commend the School Board for holding this meeting, and I commend the individual Board members for their participation, ideas, and support of this initiative. I look forward to more collaborative work in this area, and others, between MMSD and the community.

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