Dept. of Education “What Works” Clearinghouse Rates Reading Recovery Highly

Here’s a link to a detailed article on how Reading Recovery has been rated highly by the rigorous Dept. of Education’s Institute on Educational Sciences “What Works” Clearinghouse.
For those who are really interested in evidence-based practices in education, keeping updated on the “What Works” clearinghouse is a great way to determine what is rigorously researched and tested in classrooms.

The article goes into depth on almost every aspect of Reading Recovery, including the fact that some criticisms were based not on its efficacy, but on its overall cost…some reading experts believe it doesn’t have to be a 1-on-1 approach…Jack Fletcher is quoted and is one of the foremost reading experts in the country. His work is well worth reading for those interested in literacy issues.

Like any issue, there are no simple solutions and no single answers that will work best for every student. But this article has some good discussion about both the merits and the barriers to different reading approaches.

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