School Districts Statewide Face Referenda

The front page of the WSJ has an excellent story on the 52 school districts across Wisconsin (out of a total of 425) that face referenda on Tuesday. That’s 1 out of every 8 school districts in the state seeking a reprieve from revenue caps this Tuesday alone. It details the drastic cuts districts already have made under 14 years of revenue cuts, and the tremendous pressure and ill will communities face as they are forced to take sides in prioritizing dwindling funds.

There are those in Madison who continue to say that if MMSD just had a long-term plan and better management, the schools would be fine. The fat has been cut, folks. Efficiencies continue to be on everyone’s minds, but efficiencies won’t cut $8-$10 million a year into eternity.

Under the leadership of Arlene Silveira and other board members, MMSD is urging residents to get involved in a statewide effort to lobby the governor and the legislature to refinance public education in the state. It’s not too late to make some significant changes for this year.

If you live in Mark Miller or Mark Pocan’s districts in Madison, CALL them. They are on the powerful Joint Finance Committee, which is taking up the Governor’s budget with a series of hearings that will continue through April.
Call them if they aren’t your legislators, too.

If you want to know who your legislators are, go to

Beth Swedeen

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