1% of Teachers Find NCLB Effective Tool to Assess Quality of Schools

TeachersNetwork.org conducted a recent survey with 5,000 teachers in 50 states. Some of the findings:

“Survey results show how for the majority of teachers the emphasis of NCLB on high-stakes testing is not working. Only 37% of respondents found standardized tests “somewhat useful” but 42% deemed them “not at all” helpful to their teaching. Over 40% claim that these tests are encouraging them to use rote drill, and 44% report that the tests are pushing them to eliminate curriculum material not tested.

Over 40% believe that NCLB does not result in teachers making instructional decisions that are best for their students or that it’s helping to reduce the achievement gap in education-its primary goal. And fewer (3%) agree that it encourages them to improve their teaching effectiveness with all students. Fewer still (1%) find it is an effective way to assess the quality of schools.”

Continues here.

Robert Godfrey

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