Referendum Outlook?

Here are the current results from a Channel 3000 poll on the closing/consolidation of Marquette and Lapham:

Do you think the Madison school board made the right call in trying to resolve the budget impasse?

    Choice Votes Percentage of 413 Votes

Yes, they did what needed to be done. 38%
No, they cut the wrong things. Keep those schools open! 41%
I’m on the fence. 8%
I don’t know. 6%
I don’t care. 7%

59% of respondents are ok with the closings or don’t care. Clearly this is not a scientific poll, nor are these statistically analyzed results. But, I wonder what this means for the work to be done to prepare for and pass a referendum next year – if a referendum is determined to be a good idea. Over half of those who were interested enough in the story to register an opinion don’t object (too strenuously) to a school closing.

Karen Bassler

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One response to “Referendum Outlook?

  1. tmertz

    Welcome to the team Karen

    We all know that referendums are tough; I think this one just got a bit tougher. I also think that we can pass one in February.


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