We Are Not Alone #11

Most of the “We Are Not Alone” series offers glimpses of how other districts are suffering. I’m happy today to post an entry that focuses on positive action for improvement in New Glarus. It isn’t much, but these days any signs of hope are good.

Some highlights (full story):

NEW GLARUS — A new name and a focused purpose were the results of the meeting of the Citizen’s Action Committee in New Glarus Wednesday night.

After discussion that covered a variety of topics related to the failed school referendums, the committee set a short-term goal as one step on the path toward its long-term goal: a strong future for New Glarus schools.

To that end, the committee has renamed itself the Concerned Citizens for a Strong School. The committee will remain a group of citizens, rather than being appointed by, and thereby connected to, the school board.

Bright also said the board is considering holding a referendum in the fall for money that will cover the operations of the schools for the 2007-08 school year.

According to John Johnson, director of educational informational services for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, state statutes allow districts to pass a referendum to exceed revenue caps by Nov. 6 and still have them apply to the current school year.

Bright said the school board made a policy change at its last meeting which will allow the public to more easily voice its opinion at board meetings.

“They (the school board) are going to discuss ways to make themselves more accessible to the community so people have the opportunity to (be heard),” he said.

Thomas J. Mertz

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