We are not alone #14

I think everyone in Wisconsin’s hearts went out to the community of Weston earlier this year when principal John Klang was killed. I hope that our state officials also show compassion for Weston and other districts suffering from the relentless toll of a broken state school finance system.

The headline is familiar: “Weston gets bad budget news.” The details are familiar too:

“We have to decide as a board and a community if we want to go to a referendum,” Andres said.

Despite being in the hole, the board is not looking to tighten its belt further to get out.

“We have very few areas where we could look to cut. We’re not recommending anymore cuts,” the superintendent said.

In the aftermath of the Sept. 29, 2006, school shooting at Weston the district was awarded numerous grants that were largely spent on security measures. Weston has made cuts over the years, including no longer offering home economics classes and reducing the music program to one staff member. The district has not held a referendum in recent years, unlike neighboring districts Reedsburg, Baraboo and Sauk Prairie.

“I don’t know of any neighboring district in the past eight to nine years that has not had a referendum,” Terry Milfred said. Milfred is Weston’s former superintendent and served on the board until June 2007.

Take action.

Thomas J. Mertz

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