Sign the petition to end the madness

The Educator Roundtable have started a petition calling for the dismantling of the No Child Left Behind Act and is now online.

To reach the 2014 goal set by this legislation, the standards must rise annually. Even school administrators who aren’t having trouble with meeting the goals of the program at the present time agree a train wreck is coming.

In a recent Time magazine article about NCLB, a retired Ohio superintendent said, “NCLB is like a Russian novel. That’s because it’s long, it’s complicated, and in the end, everybody gets killed.”

Unless NCLB’s schedule is disrupted, there will be no public school systems left by 2014. Unfortunately groups like the NEA have tried to counteract the Educator Roundtable petition with their own, which again pushes for a band-aid approach that will not address the core deficiences of such a poorly conceived public policy.

We need our voices to be heard. It takes twenty seconds max to do this. Please pass it on to all your friends.

Robert Godfrey

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