Superintendent Leadership Profile(s)

Many of us will be participating in the development of a leadership profile for the superintendent search this week. This is an exciting and important opportunity. It is my understanding that the profile will be used to draft advertisements, guide “head-hunting” contacts and screen candidates.

I thought others might be interested in seeing what a leadership profile looks like; how our contributions will be presented to the board and used by the consultants. With that in mind, I’ve scoured the net and located the following profiles prepared by Hazard, Young and Attea & Associates, Ltd.

Walnut Creek.

Indian Prairie and here.

Riverland Central.

Brandywine School District.


I also found this one, Winnetka (IL) — from a diferent consultant — interesting.

Lots of thought provoking reading. One thing that caught my attention is how little weight was given to experience in these profiles. I rank that pretty high…Madison does not need a “learn on the job” type.

Thomas J. Mertz

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