My Superintendent Profile Form

The whole thing is linked here (I know I didn’t spend enough time on the rankings). Previously I wrote that I was struggling with number 5. This is what I came up with:

Madison Metropolitan School District

5. Tell us your vision for the School District for the future.

I believe that public education is our best means of creating a better future; a future with less inequality, more understanding, greater prosperity and a stronger sense of citizenship. I also understand that fulfilling this mission – especially at a time when public education is under attack from many quarters and under a state finance system that values tax relief more than education – is and will remain an ongoing struggle. Districts like MMSD have an important role to play in the national debates over the mission and assessment of public education. We are a district of high expectations, high needs and great inequalities. We are also a community that supports our schools and believes that students of all backgrounds can and must be successful. Like other districts in the Minority Student Achievement Network (the first place I would look for candidates), we are a proving ground and have the great opportunity to demonstrate that public education can fulfill its mission, can provide opportunities for all, and can create a better future.

The best statement of what the next steps in this direction would be can be found in the work of the Equity Task Force ( I would ask that all finalists read and respond to the Final Task Force Report (and appendices).

At minimum, the profile should reflect a commitment to the Task Force’s definition of equity:

Equity assures full access to opportunities for each MMSD student to achieve educational excellence and social responsibility.

I attended one of the focus groups this afternoon and thought that the consultant did a very good job.

Thomas J. Mertz

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