New Library Public Hearing

Via Brenda Konkel, This Side of Town…

Here’s your chance to tell the decisions makers what YOU want!

The Library Board and the Surplus Property Committee will be holding a meeting solely to solicit public input prior to issuing a RFP for the downtown library. This is the only item on the agenda. The current proposal for an RFP would incorporate the new library into a larger mixed use building rather than the independent free standing building that currently exists. If you have thoughts about the future of the downtown library this is an opportunity to speak.

The Madison Public Library Board in conjunction with the Central Library Disposal Surplus Property Criteria and Selection Committee is seeking public input on plans for a new Central Library. The hearing will be Monday, June 16th, 6:30 p.m. at the Central Library at 201 West Mifflin Street.

I love libraries!

Here is what I want (to start, no order):

  • Sunday hours, year round.
  • Space to take the collection out of storage (I love finding obscure things on the shelves, with so much in storage that becomes less likely).
  • Comfortable and practical meeting rooms.
  • Nice reading/research rooms.
  • Spacious and flexible children’s room(s?).
  • Natural light.
  • I don’t mind sharing the library with the homeless and the down and out.  They are part of our community too.

What’s on your list?

Thomas J. Mertz

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