Here Comes the Summer

To celebrate the last day of school for the 2007-8 year in the Madison Metropolitan School District, a selection of Summer music videos.

The Undertones, “Here Comes the Summer.”

Sly and the Family Stone, “Hot Fun in the Summertime.”

Eddie Cochran, “Summertime Blues.”

Doc and Richard Watson,” Summertime.”

The Lovin’ Spoonfull, “Summer in the City.”

The Barracudas, “Summer Fun.”

Congratulations to all the graduates; thanks to all the teachers and staff, especially those retiring.

Enjoy the season!

Thomas J. Mertz

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One response to “Here Comes the Summer

  1. Adam P

    This selection may not resonate with readers more familiar with the prior selections but an absolute must listen at this time of year is Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out For Summer”. And this version features the Muppets–even bettter!

    My previous principal, upon her retirement last year, played this song over the PA system on her last day. (Even though I liked the song and the spirit of the gesture it was annoying. Man I wish we could ban the use of the PA barring major catastrophe.)

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