New Video from CAST

Community and Schools Together has posted a new video on their web site.  It explains why a recurring referendum (like the Board of Education voted in favor of) is better than a nonrecurring referendum.

You can see all the videos from the 2006 referendum campaign here.

Thomas J. Mertz


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2 responses to “New Video from CAST

  1. I like the falling off a cliff analogy and the cartoon. I suggest changing some of the wording – it seems a little jargon heavy to me. Here are some suggestions although I am not a writer – I just have to fake it at work sometimes.

    For example:
    “Why a recurring referendum?” could be changed to:
    Why vote yes on the school referendum? (the idea that this referendum is different from others seems irrelevant to me).

    “The State School finance system is broken”
    change to: School funding in Wisconsin is broken. (I don’t know what a school finance system is)

    “It requires districts to annually cut programs and services or find new ways of doing things” could be:
    Every year we have to choose: do we cut money from schools or ask taxpayers for more? It’s a hard choice. Every year, for 15 years we have been forced to make this choice. (finding new ways of doing things sounds like something I might want so maybe don’t use that phrase)

    “Referendums allow communities to help …”
    maybe change to: Voting yes on the school referendum will help Madison schools stay strong for a long time.

    I suggest leaving out the numbers and the explanation of the gap. It’s too confusing because the numbers are so much larger than I ever deal with and the percents seem too small to worry about.

    Finally, I suggest you change “keep the quality of education we need and demand” (never use demand) to something like:

    We want to give all the children of Madison the gift of an excellent education, now and into the future. The Communittee and Schools can work together by voting yes!

    Good work on the graphics and idea. I like the whole star wars thing – everyone is familiar with it.

  2. Sorry, meant to put my whole name.

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