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From the, click on image for more.

Most of the links to blogs and other things are on the AMPS Resources page. I just added some new things that I have found interesting or useful.  Here are the links and some descriptions.

Under Wisconsin (for all state and local things) you can now find, the School Finance Network, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction,  the Wisconsin Parent Teacher AssociationWisPoliticsProgressive Dane,  the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families,  and the Institute for One Wisconsin.

The new Wisconsin blogs are MMSD Board Member Maya Cole’s blog and a local Math teacher’s Wit and Wisdom.

New national blogs are Education Notes Online (described as “The education/political scene in New York City and beyond, focusing on the UFT and the NYC Department of Education”); education disinformation de-bunker Gerald Bracey at the Huffington Post, “Education, NCLB, Politics and Humor”  from the Frustrated Teacher; frequent commentator and now occasional blogger John Thompson at This Week in Education; the name says it all for Schools, Society, and the Pursuit of Equity in Education in the U.S;  for the last, three from Education Week, Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch’s Bridging Differences is always enlightening;  NCLB Act II and Politics K-12 are essential for keeping up on the news.

Under the general resources, I’ve added Gerald Bracey’s Education Disinformation Detection and Reporting Agency and the Coalition of  Essential Schools.

Click around, and feel free to make suggestions via the comments.

Thomas J. Mertz

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