Where is the Money? SFN on “Here and Now”

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Over the weekend the Wisconsin Public Television program “Here and Now” devoted most  their broadcast to education, focusing on the Governor Jim Doyle’s announcements concerning Wisconsin’s application for Race to the Top (RttT) funding.  The only guest to address the questions about the viability of this application at a time when many school districts are struggling with the cuts in state funding in the 2009-11 state budget was Green Lake Superintendent Ken Bates, representing the School Finance Network.  You can watch what Ken had to say above and see all the segments here.

The issues Bates raises are more timely than ever.  In the Governor’s initial announcement that he wanted to buy a lottery ticket for the RttT prize, he included a vague mention of “Allow[ing] districts to increase their spending if they meet specific guidelines to improve education.”

In a release today, there is no mention of funding reform or relief.

Take a look around Governor and see what is happening with school budgets in our state.

Where’s the money?

Thomas J. Mertz

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