Off and Running, for District 13 Common Council

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It is official, the last of the paperwork is filed and on February 15 the voters of the 13th Common Council District in Madison Wisconsin will see my name on on the ballot (as TJ Mertz).  Exciting and scary.

I’ve spent the last few years working primarily on education issues. Municipal issues will be a change, but not that big of a change.  My activism in education has been about addressing inequalities, providing opportunities, enhancing democratic participation and promoting good governance and smart budgeting.  These are exactly the things I want to do on the Common Council.

I also want AMPS readers to know that I’m not  leaving education behind.

The city is directly involved in education through libraries, early childhood programs and neighborhood centers.  I want to be part of supporting and improving these efforts.    I also recognize that schools alone are not sufficient (see the Broader, Bolder statement).  Children’s abilities to take advantage of  educational opportunities are impacted by issues of housing, employment, policing, health care and much more.  As an Alder, I’ll make these connections and work for policies and economic development to help all our children.

I will continue to serve on the Board of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools and advocate for adequate educational investments throughout Wisconsin.

Regular readers of AMPS will have noticed that there has been little or no activity the past months.  The race for Alder is the big reason why.   It is my intention to continue with AMPS, but I could use some help.  If you’d like to write for AMPS, drop me  a line or leave a comment.

I could also use some help with the Alder race.  You can volunteer or donate by clicking these links.

Thomas J. Mertz

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